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  • Laser Cut Mirrored Buck & Doe Interlocking Necklace (Personalized)

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    This necklace is Laser Cut from 1/8" Mirrored Acrylic. The pendant measures 1 1/2"x 1 3/4, and comes standard with a 18" STAINLESS STEEL chain.

    The Buck & Doe Interlock showing unity when together. Apart they represent the individual, but never losing thought of the one you are committed to. This necklace comes in a pair, one for the male, one for the female, each with their very own chain. It is personalized with each individuals name on the appropriate side with the addition of a cupid's heart. 

    Photos of reflective parts are difficult to take. They look like the words are doubled, but they are not. They are crisp and clean.

    Buy this set for you and your loved one or for that special couple for a Christmas present, birthday present or special occasion.

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